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Social Mobile Web 2.0 Conference, Dublin 2012

I had an absolutely fantastic time giving my "playshop" this morning "M-learning in and out of the classroom: Locative Play and Mobile Media Creation". The attendees were a bright, eclectic and creative bunch of motivated teachers who approached the hands-on section with such vigour that I often felt guilty interrupting them to check on their progress and supply feedback.

Some lively and critical discussion followed each of the group presentations and i've already heard that several of the participants from different schools in Dublin are going to get together and try to take what they learned today further and adapt and build upon it to apply to their own teaching context. I'll be excited to see how that turns out and very happy to help out wherever I can.

For those who were unable to attend I've embedded a clip of the slides I prepared to introduce the first section. I had to remove some of the embedded videos clips and also the invader clip (which can be found by clicking on the yellow Invader link at the top of this page) to keep the file size down to a manageable level.