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ELTons Awards 2015 Nomination!

Really delighted that my ARM (Augmented Reality Media) Cubes entry has been shortlisted for an ELTons Award this year. As with Spywalk (2013) and Urban Chronicles (2014) it's in the Digital Innovation category.

Fingers crossed again!

Here's my logo, a brief description of the product and a snap of my students using the cubes in a class.


ARM (Augmented Reality Media) Cubes are a new way for learners to interact with language and digital media in a tangible and fundamentally social and collaborative way. They are hybrid digital/physical objects that enable learners to organise, manipulate and even edit audio and video simply by reconfiguring the cubes in 3D space. When viewed through the camera of a smartphone or tablet, the six sides of each magnetic cube spring to life, displaying video directly on the cube’s surface. Learners work together to explore, create and (physically) build narratives, resulting in hybrid media sculptures.