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Spywalk Porto: Team Signup


Conspiracy, espionage, fake moustaches and secret agents

Yes, Spywalk is coming to the streets of downtown Porto!

After winning the last two games, the slippery spy with the conspicuous briefcase is feeling very proud of himself. But who knows? Perhaps this time he will meet his match.

The Mission:

Using stealth, deception, speed and technology, your team will have the chance to catch the enemy agent red-handed as he delivers highly sensitive documents to his mysterious contact. Track him as he moves through the city streets and identify enemy agents from other teams. Coordinate your movements using mobile phones as you track the spy by GPS and collect evidence.

Essential Equipment:

  • Mobile phone

  • Camera/camcorder

  • Voice recorder (if your phone or camera does not already have this function) I have several of these I can lend out.

Desirable Equipment:

  • Smartphone with internet access (a small netbook computer with mobile internet access will also be fine)

  • Mysterious sunglasses

  • Binoculars

  • Newspaper with eye-holes cut out (for covert surveillance)

When and Where?

The game will take place on July 2nd start at 11am. The game will take approximately 90 minutes but could extend to 2 hours. Each team will meet in a different location in the city centre (to be arranged).


If you do not have anyone on your team with a net-enabled smartphone or netbook then you should arrange to be in phone contact with someone who can monitor the spy's GPS signal on the Internet. I can help with this.

All hungry spies and secret agents will meet up for lunch, storytelling and media swapping immediately after the game has ended.


To register fill out the form here:


Real Name:
Email Address:
Spy Name
Mobile Number (to receive an SMS at the start of the game)
What game equipment do you already have? Mobile phone
Voice recorder
Smartphone with Internet access
Netbook with Internet access
What is your approximate English level? Beginner


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